Winter comes to us from the amazing Ingold family.  Her dad is the famous "Fabio Jr.", who holds 14 European titles, 5 US titles, and is qualified for Crufts for life.  On the bottom side she has ties to the heavily decorated Int. Sh. Ch , Int. Ch , Lux/Dk/Dt-VDH/Swiss/Fr. Ch Ashbury Angel Heart and WW '09, '11, EW '07, '08, JEW '05, IntCh, MultiCh Dewmist Silk Screen.  Winter is definitely the baby of the family.  She wants nothing more than to be in your lap or next to you.  She has a very sweet loving disposition.  She is an avid swimmer and loves to retrieve!  She has a medium energy drive.  She has a compact strong build with a lovely boxy head.  Her weight averages about 60 lbs.  Her coat is flat and very light in color.  I'm very thankful to Linda and Ingold for such an amazing sweet girl!  Health clearances and pedigree can be seen here:

Winter's Health Data:

Hips-  OFA - Good
          Pennhip - 0.41/0.38
Elbows- Normal
Eyes - Normal (Canine Ophthalmologist)
Heart - Normal -(Canine Cardiologist)
Dentition - Full
Patella - Normal
PRA 1 & 2 - Clear
PRCD - Clear
PRDM - Clear
ICT 1 & 2 - Clear
NCL-5 - Clear
CHIC # - 155400