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Guardian Homes

If you are interested in becoming a guardian home, please reach out to us.  There are many benefits in becoming a guardian home for everyone.  You, as the guardian get a top quality/ pick of the litter type puppy at no cost to you.  You do need to live within a two hour drive of zip code 38570.  

The nitty gritty 

The puppy is given to you as your pet.  You are responsible for all expenses related to having a puppy in general (vaccines, food, medical treatment).  We, retain breeding rights, and are therefore responsible for all costs related to breeding (health screening tests, reproductive bills, etc.).  The puppy is yours as your pet.  When it comes time for breeding, the doggie comes back to us.  Timing is a little different depending upon the sex of the dog.  Once the dog has been retired from the breeding program, all AKC paperwork is then transferred to the owner.


We do not breed females until their third heat cycle or are two years old.  They will come to us when it is time to be bred.  In the meantime, you will have to ensure no other intact males are able to have contact with her.  After one month, she will come back to us for a pregnancy confirmation, and if pregnant, will stay with us until puppies are weaned.  This is typically a three month process. After which, she returns to you until her next healthy cycle.  We typically raise four litters from each female.  Most females are retired between ages 4-6.


Males will not be used for breeding until they are 2 years old.  Although they will not need to stay with us as long at one time as the females do, typically no more than 5 days, they will have to be available more often.  When we have a female that is ready to be bred, we need the male to either come to us or allow us to bring the female to him.  This typically takes about 5 days.  Males will continue to be in the breeding program until they are about 7-8 years old.  

Being a guardian home does take dedication and not everyone is cut out for this.  However, if you think this is something you would be interested in doing, please contact us at 931-239-2833 or email us at dalehollowgoldens@yahoo.com