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We are now taking applications and reservations for the following two litters:

Puppy application

Naomi x Monte

We have been given a sweet surprise!  Naomi and Monte are having puppies!!! Naomi is the daughter of our very own Magnum - she is truly his daughter - she is Magnum in a feminine form!  These two should produce some very stocky babies with heavy bone and boxy heads.  They should be medium to large in size with a low-medium energy drive.  Coats should be thick and fluffy!  I have been dreaming of this pairing for awhile now - can't believe I'm fixing to see how beautiful they are!!!  She is due April 10.

Skye x Harrison Lee:

Again very thankful to Elkridge Goldens for the opportunity to use this gorgeous boy with our girls. My prediction is that this cross will make some bigger babies with heavy bone and medium energy drive. His data can be found here.
Lady Skye is due to come into season any day now.  Once this happens, breeding typically occurs during the second week of heat.  Puppies born 9 weeks later and then go home dates 8 weeks after birth.  We will post updates here and on FB when Skye and Mother Nature decides the timing is right.