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The information provided is what we have found to be helpful and beneficial to ourselves. Always do your research to make the best informed decision possible you can make for yourselves and your fur babies.

The Beginning

All Golden Retrievers originated from the cross breeding performed by Lord Tweedmouth, at Inverness-Shire, Scotland during the 1800's.  The cross breeding of a yellow-coated retriever, named Nous, and a tweed water spaniel, named Belle produced the ancestors of our current day Golden Retriever.  These dogs were originally bred to retrieve fowl in the Scottish icy lochs, thus the double coats, webbed toes, and soft mouths. The AKC officially recognized this breed in 1925.

English vs. American Golden Retrievers:  Aren't they all Scottish????

Besides the obvious coat color difference, there are some structural and health differences as well.  Below are some links with more detail.


English vs. American Golden Retrievers (Differences, Similarities & More) – Golden Hearts

Effects on Alteration 

Below are some links concerning early altering (spaying/neutering).  

Gonadectomy:  https://www.caninesports.com/uploads/1/5/3/1/15319800/csp_-_gonadectomy_rethinking.pdf 

Health Implications in Early Spay/Neuterhttp://akcchf.org/news-events/news/health-implications-in-early.html 

Joint disorders and cancer:  https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0055937

Orthopedic Injuries and Obesity:  http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/research-update-earlier-age-spayneuter-risk-factor-obesity-and-orthopedic-injuries

Genetic Issues

Ichthyosis:  Is a scaling skin disorder that often plagues Golden Retrievers.  Below is more information about this genetic disorder.


Although this chart is specifically over Ichthyosis, it can be used for all Golden Retriever genetic disorders - such as PRA 1 & 2, PRDM, and PRCD.  Notice, to be Affected, one must carry two copies of the gene.  A carrier will not be affected by the disorder as that they only carry one copy of the gene.