Magnum:  Magnum has a great pedigree for both champions and health clearances.  Magnum's pedigree can be found here:

Magnum's Health Data:

Hips:  OFA final:  Excellent     Penn Hip: Left: 0.31  Right:  0.24 (Overall top 5% of his breed!!!!)

Elbows: OFA final:  Normal

Eyes:  Normal (Canine Ophthalmologist)

Heart:  Normal (Canine Cardiologist)

Patella:  Normal

Dentition:  Full

PRA 1 & 2: Clear

ICT: Clear

PRCD: Clear

DM: Clear

NCL-5:  Clear

CHIC # 137866

Magnum is not only gorgeous, but also a major mama's boy!!!  He LOVES the water.  He has a very light creamy colored coat that is very thick and wavy.  He has a very large stocky bone structure and boxy head.  Magnum weighs about 100lbs.  He has a low to medium energy range.